2014 Best Practice Award Winner: Volunteer/Camper Hospitality

Best Practices Awards,

Rippling Hope was the recipient. Their nomination said, “Rippling Hope is all about hospitality. Carl and Robin Zerweck, along with their volunteers and interns, help to make every volunteer experience top notch. Food is made by Robin every day, showing the importance of nourishing the workers. While we served with them this year, she graciously helped teach one of our youth who was interested in cooking and food prep.

Carl is a jokester, and his light-heartedness often shows in his attention to detail in getting to know each individual on a trip to serve with R.H. It matters not if it is a middle schooler, high schooler, or adult, Carl wants to hear about their day each evening and get to know about their lives back home. And he remembers those learned tidbits for years to come.” Thanks for being a great example of what it means to serve those who are serving, Rippling Hope!

Rippling Hope