Job Description: Recruiting and Talent Management VISTA

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Recruiting and Talent Management VISTA

As part of increasing the capacity for Alabama Rural Ministry's summer camp counselor and intern recruiting: Create a summer camp counselor talent management cycle for discovering, developing and deploying the summer staff and academic interns. Collaborate with all staff participating in career fairs both virtual and in-person Revise and update the summer camp counselor onboarding and training process. Collect professional development resources for an online reference system. Skills: Excellent skills in patiently relating to and communicating with diverse people both in person and over the phone. An incredible attention to detail and the ability to understand complex processes. Proficiency in using digital tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to create professional, organized documents. Proficiency in web-based tools such as Google Chrome as well as Gmail and Google Drive. Ability to learn new web-based tools Organizational and project management skills.

Location: Opelika (Southeast)
Job Category Program Staff
Job Type: Full-Time
Salary: VISTA stipend - Yearly

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