2016 Best Practice Award Winner: Volunteer/Camper Hospitality

Best Practices Awards,

Mountain T.O.P. was the recipient. The idea of radical hospitality is a foundational practice at Mountain T.O.P. Simply put, they find ways to say ‘”yes.” If it is within reason and will not contradict the integrity of their programs, they are ready and willing to step outside the lines. This philosophy is explicitly included in their staff-training program and provides the backbone for their organizational culture. 

Good Neighbors received honorable mention in this award category for their pre-trip project communication. One of their college volunteers wrote, “The staff believe each volunteer’s mission week has the potential to be a life-changing experience, and hosts activities with this in mind. The preparation, planning, love and focus of Good Neighbors’ staff toward their volunteers is truly felt by all who attend, making the experience absolutely unforgettable!”

Mountain TOP