Meet our Team


  • Freyja Harris

    Freyja Harris

    Executive Director, Coalition for Home Repair

  • Jill Webber

    Jill Webber

    Grants Compliance Officer, Coalition for Home Repair

  • Megan Goyer

    Megan Goyer

    Membership & Program Coordinator, Coalition for Home Repair

  • Emma Carrasco

    Emma Carrasco

    Advocacy and Research Coordinator, Coalition for Home Repair

  • Rose Smith

    Rose Smith

    Finance Coordinator, Coalition for Home Repair

  • Melanie Campbell

    Melanie Campbell

    Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Coalition for Home Repair

  • Susan Williams

    Susan Williams

    Executive & Operations Coordinator, Coalition for Home Repair

  • Becca Davis

    Becca Davis

    Executive Advisor, Coalition for Home Repair

  • Anika Prasad

    Anika Prasad

    Systems & Salesforce Coordinator, Coalition for Home Repair

Board of Directors

  • Bob Argus

    Bob Argus

    Vice President & Secretary, Edward and Wanda Jordan Family Foundation

  • Sarah Carlson

    Sarah Carlson

    Housing & Neighborhood Stabilization Manager

  • Lisa Davis

    Lisa Davis

    Chief Program Officer, Servants

  • Deanne Everton

    Deanne Everton

    Executive Director, Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley

  • Joe Huggins

    Joe Huggins

    Executive Director, Home Works of America

  • Dave Kelley

    Dave Kelley

    Senior Vice President for Donor Engagement, Appalachia Service Project

  • Roy Mares

    Roy Mares

    Program Manager, Habitat for Humanity of Wisconsin River Area

  • Dawn Martin

    Dawn Martin

    Director of Program Ministries, Hinton Center

  • Jessica McMurray

    Jessica McMurray

    Community Development, City of Kingsport

  • Charles Oberweiser

    Charles Oberweiser

    Assistant Professor, Stephen F. Austin State University | Accounting

  • Allyson Petry

    Allyson Petry

    Executive Director, Nazareth Farm

  • Sara Platnick

    Sara Platnick

    Public Relations, LaunchSquad

  • Ingrid Thompson

    Ingrid Thompson

    CEO, Nehemiah Project Community Development Corporation

  • Jerry Zuniga

    Jerry Zuniga

    Housing Preservation Strategy, Habitat for Humanity International

  • Evy Zwiebach

    Evy Zwiebach

    Director of Policy and Programs, Detroit