2011 - First Conference

It all began in November 2011 with our first annual ReFrame Conference in Johnson City, Tennessee, for organizations concentrated in central Appalachia. The event was organized by Becca Davis, an employee of Appalachia Service Project. 

2012 - Growth

The second ReFrame Conference grew to include about 100 participants and expanded to involve guest speakers and exhibitors. Attendees started sfto ask about connecting with each other year-round.

2013 - Association Founded

ReFrame  Association officially formed as a 501(c)(6) on November 14 – also the first full day of our annual conference – with nine founding member organizations. Becca Davis left Appalachia Service Project and became the executive director of ReFrame. Chris Manley, co-founder, was instrumental in the incorporation process, and served as the first chair of the Board of Directors. 

2014 - Nationwide Focus

What began in the smoky hills of the Appalachian mountains grew to represent home repair programs across the nation. Our fourth ReFrame Conference included representatives from 14 states, and we also offered educational webinar throughout the year.

2015 - Visioning 

Our Board refined our strategic plan and created a ten-year vision, and our members repaired homes in 32 states. The momentum and excitement for our shared work was growing!

2016 - More Growth

Our 6th annual ReFrame Conference was held at a new location, and our membership grew! New membership benefits such as discounts and free resources were added. 

2017 - Membership Tools

We launched a new online members' portal with a video library, job board, and more. This allowed us to provide more support and opportunities for our members to connect. 

2018 - Foundation Formed

We incorporated ReFrame Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so that we could apply for grants, accept tax-deductible donations, and position ourselves to be able to offer pass-through funding to members. 

2019 - Regional Events

We hosted our first regional events in Pennsylvania and South Carolina and organized an advocacy event in Washington, DC. Our impact grew significantly because of the connections we made through these programs.

2020 - Virtual Presence

Due to the coronavirus, we canceled 4 regional events and hosted a virtual spring summit. We also organized dozens of webinars to help our members navigate the challenges of repairing homes during the pandemic. Our 10th ReFrame Conference was held online and we hired our second staff person, a part-time Membership Development & Engagement Coordinator. 

2021 - Rebranding

ReFrame Association and ReFrame Foundation were merged into one 501(c)(3) and rebranded as the Coalition for Home Repair. We hired our third staff person, an Administrative Assistant, and our Executive Director became a full-time employee. We launched our first advocacy campaign and provided grants to members for the first time. We also launched a new program - intensive cohorts designed to help nonprofits innovate and refine funding and program models to ensure their sustainability so more homes can be repaired during and after the pandemic. 

2022 - Our Shared Future

We have exciting plans for our future! We look forward to expanding our educational programs, advocacy efforts, and membership benefits and resources.

2023 - Year of Transition & Growth

The Coalition welcomed a new executive Director, Freyja Harris, in February 2023.  We were awarded a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant to grow our staff and increase our impact. We hired 6 new part-time employees to expand our educational programs, advocacy efforts, and membership benefits and resources.

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