Why partner with the Coalition for Home Repair?

Home repairs are an important solution to the affordable housing crisis, and we can address the need more effectively and efficiently together.

Through the Coalition for Home Repair, nonprofits, businesses, governments, individuals, and home repair beneficiaries partner on advocacy efforts that improve lives and restore communities. We welcome any organization or individual to join as an Advocacy partner (at no cost). The benefits of joining as an Advocacy partner include:

  • Learning from experts in the field, including but not limited to non-profits, government officials, research institutes, etc. 

  • Co-development of a national advocacy agenda that mutually benefits your organization

  • Opportunities to collaborate with others engaged in housing preservation efforts

  • Data and resource sharing; sharing of best practices

The Coalition for Home Repair is well positioned to serve as a convener and activator of change for the benefit of low-income homeowners nationwide by shedding light on the growing need for investments and resources that keep affordable homes in conditions that promote health and safety. The Coalition for Home Repair intends to strengthen their advocacy efforts with a multi-sector approach in addressing the pressing issue of inadequate support for home repair programs affecting low-income homeowners’ ability to sustain their home and safely age in place.

The Coalition’s advocacy objectives via the Advocacy Task Force involve:

  • Centering of and engagement with home repair program beneficiaries

  • Policy research and analysis within housing preservation

  • Development of partnerships and policy priorities

  • Build public awareness and mobilization of resources

To join as an advocacy partner, email Emma Carrasco at Emma@Coalitionforhomerepair.org.

Disclaimer: The substantial majority of the Coalition for Home Repair’s activities are educational in nature and do not involve lobbying as defined by state or federal laws. No activities will support or oppose candidates for public office.