Membership Information

You're invite to join the Coalition! We offer a variety of membership options:

Nonprofits, faith communities, local governments, and other organizations that provide home repairs for low-income households free or low-cost are eligible to be Coalition Members. All employees, board members, and key volunteers associated with the organization are granted access to discounts and resources. View brochure and list of programs and membership benefits.

Coalition Member

Org Size

Budget Employees General Dues Silver Platinum  Lowe's Gift Card
Small <$250,000 1 or fewer $194 $230 $300 $500
Medium $250,000 to $999,999 2 or 3 $389 $465 $600 $1000
Large $1M to $4,999,999 4 to 9 $641 $765 $1000 $1500
Extra Large $5M or More 10 or more $1286 $1530 $2000 $2500

Annual dues depend on the size of your organization. Upon payment of membership dues and submitting a short impact report (# of homes repaired last year, # of home repair volunteers, etc.), a Lowe’s Gift Card will be distributed (while supplies last).  The gift card is worth approximately 2x membership dues!

Each member receives a membership badge to include on websites and marketing materials to indicate your organization's affiliation with the Coalition.  We especially appreciate our "above-and-beyond" members who chose to be silver or platinum members!  Badge color will correspond and Silver and Platinum members will be recognized during the annual conference for the additional support. 

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Business Partner

Businesses can support the work of the Coalition and market their products and services to a large network of home repair providers. Business Partners include suppliers of building materials, consultants, and software companies. Business Partner memberships range from $500 to $1,500 and includes exhibiting at our annual national conference in November, and advertising in our e-newsletter. 

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Nonprofit Partner

This category of membership is for other national and regional housing networks that partner with us on advocacy and education initiatives. Nonprofit partners are mission-aligned with the Coalition but don't directly complete home repairs. Nonprofits that repair homes should join as a Coalition Member instead (see above). 

Annual dues options range from $500 to $1,500 and depend on the number of staff you'd like to have access to our membership benefits. Nonprofit Partners receive access to our online resources and member pricing for events but not grant funding; that is only available to Coalition Members. 

Please contact if you'd like to discuss a Nonprofit Partner membership that includes a wholesale option (discount for your affiliates to join as Coalition Members). 

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Individual Member

Individual members have access to the same services and benefits as organizational Coalition Members. However, benefits for organizations extend to all employees of that organization while benefits for individual members only apply to one person (example: reduced fees for conferences and webinars). Membership starts at just $125 (or $35 for students). We especially appreciate our "above-and-beyond" members who choose to give more by being a bronze, silver, or platinum Individual Member!

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Coalition Sponsor

Sponsors provide financial support ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 or more annually to support the work of the Coalition. Coalition Sponsors such as banks and foundations keep membership dues and educational programs affordable for Coalition Members.

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