Call for Speakers

We strongly encourage workshop proposals from our membership and new partners advocating for affordable housing preservation and homelessness prevention through home repair, rehabilitation, and modification to keep people housed, healthy, and safe.  

We hope you consider submitting a proposal or sharing the Call for Speakers Form with contacts in your network. Proposals should reflect topics focused on the conference theme of renewing housing with equitable, accessible, and durable approaches. 

Call for Speakers Form

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • advancing innovative home repair methods for rural and urban communities
  • home modification to facilitate aging in place for older adults
  • home rehabilitation to address social determinants of health, such as lead paint reduction
  • nonprofit management and stability, such as fundraising, operations, program evaluation, etc 
  • accessibility modification and rehabilitation for housing of persons with disabilities
  • advocacy strategies for equitable access to state and local government funding for affordable homeownership preservation
  • wrap-around social supports to leverage home repair benefits, such as foreclosure prevention, in-home nursing care, etc.

ReFrame Conference will be November 13th - 15th at the Southfield Westin in Detroit, Michigan. Learn more about this year's conference. 

Workshop Session Format: 

Sessions last 60 to 90 minutes. We encourage current and new partners to bring fresh ideas and technical expertise. Sessions with interactive components are encouraged to connect with diverse learning styles and to make the learning experience memorable. Sessions can include one or multiple presenters. If you have an intriguing topic and would like support in finding a co-facilitator or panelist, please feel free to submit and we will assist as we are able.

Proposal Submission Deadline: Friday, July 5th, 2024


Conference Tracks & Previous Highly-Rated Sessions
Track 1 - Tuning Up: Construction & Maintenance
The Tuning Up track focuses on repair and modification innovations, best practices, and demonstrations that show how to make homes more safe, healthy, and accessible.
Past session topics in construction & maintenance:
    • Affordable Bathroom Modifications (& tub cut demonstration)
    • Foundational Assessments, from the Ground Up
    • Best Practices in Remediating Code Violations
Track 2 - Detailing: Services & Resources
The Detailing track focuses on organizational sustainability, staff and volunteer capacity building, and funding opportunities to support home preservation.
Past session topics in services & resources:
    • Services Beyond the Repair
    • Managing Your Subaward Budget
    • Board Governance
    • Effective Systems for Organization Communication
 Track 3 - Revving Up: Advocacy & Research
The Revving Up track focuses on data, advocacy, policies, and practices that support and promote the needs of low-income and underserved households. 
Past session topics in advocacy & research:
    • Inaugural Advocacy Gathering & Advocacy Panel
    • Impact Measurement: Innovations & Lessons Learned
    • Case Study of Health Impact of Home Repairs


Selection Process & Speaker Responsibilities:

All proposals will be reviewed by the Conference Planning Committee, composed of representatives from CHR member organizations and CHR staff. CHR staff will make the final selections.

Notification of Acceptance:

Speakers will be notified of the status of their proposal by July 31st, 2024.

Presenter Responsibilities:

  • Make any necessary refinements based on recommendations by Coalition staff.
  • Invite and confirm presenters and moderators for the session.
  • Plan and participate in call(s) with presenters, moderators, and CHR staff.
  • Identify and share session resources/slides with CHR staff for distribution.
  • Register for the conference at a discounted rate (50%). 
  • Create speaker profiles for all presenters in Whova, the conference event app, to engage with attendees. 
  • Meet all deadlines for conference materials.


All presenters will receive 50% off the cost of registration. All presenters are responsible for the costs associated with travel and accommodation. Early-bird registration is now open.

Audio/Visual Equipment:

The following standard audio/visual equipment will be set in each room:

Laptop, LCD projector, projection screen, wireless internet (WIFI), podium, and microphones for presenters.


Please get in touch with Megan Goyer at or Freyja Harris at


Submit a session proposal

Proposal Submission Deadline: Friday, July 5th, 2024