Roy Mares

Program Manager

Habitat for Humanity of Wisconsin River Area

Coalition Member

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Professional Bio

Roy Mares, the Program Manager for Habitat for Humanity of the Wisconsin River Area, brings over 15 years of experience, cultivating a diverse skill set through education and various roles. His journey out of the typical corporate culture began in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, where he assisted in residential disaster areas, focusing on cleanup efforts. In 2018, under a FEMA grant during Wisconsin's severe flooding, Roy provided crisis counseling, recognizing a need for specialized services for individuals with disabilities. Motivated by this, he pursued additional certifications and programs to serve this demographic better, enhancing his ability to provide comprehensive resources and compassionate support.

Roy seamlessly integrated his counseling and disaster background into his role at Habitat for Humanity to provide holistic wraparound services for clients facing issues arising from disabilities or aging. His mission is to make homes fit peoples' lives instead of residents adjusting their lives to fit their homes, and he is committed to ensuring every person receives the support and resources that meet their needs.

Roy dreams of a world where bidets are accepted in every home, turning bathrooms into luxurious havens of cleanliness, plunging in to save the day by reducing water consumption. So, bidet bliss for all—a sparkling, sustainable utopia, one spray at a time!


Parent: Habitat for Humanity of Wisconsin River Area


Photo of Roy Mares