2017 Best Practice Award Winner: Volunteer/Camper Hospitality

Best Practices Awards,

Reach Mission Trips was the recipient. They received several nominations: a volunteer, a community partner, and a parent of a summer staff member all highly praised Reach's hospitality. They instill in volunteers and staff members a passionate desire for missions and service. They work hard to encourage new relationship, with homeowners, summer staff, youth groups, etc. This is done in many ways in such a way that everyone can't help but be upbeat and positive. Reach listens to campers' and volunteers' concerns and are there to help in any way they can. They work an incredible number of hours but are always so friendly, happy and encouraging. 

Bethlehem Farm received honorable mention in this award category. They really embrace hospitality with their "Welcome Home" motto. All visitor, volunteers, homeowners, and friends are welcomed at the door with a hug and someone saying "welcome home." The organization strives to make all who come through their door feel comfortable, cared for, and at home.

Reach Mission Trips