2017 Best Practice Award Winner: Community Partnership

Best Practices Awards,

Home Works of America was the recipient. HWA partners with the Help My House energy-efficiency program, an initiative from South Carolina's consumer-owned electric cooperatives. HWA repairs homes first (fixes roofs, builds wheelchair ramps, etc.) at no cost to the homeowner. Then, contractors approved by the electric cooperative complete weatherization projects such as adding insulation or fixing HVAC systems. This is paid for with a low-interest loan that the homeowners can easily pay back on their monthly electric bill using a portion of what they are saving on energy costs. The rest of the savings is theirs to keep. Monthly savings of $85 to $175 have been documented. Each electric cooperative set up their own agreement with HWA, and they partner to bring energy efficiency modifications to homeowners, helping them live more comfortably and save money. 

Nehemiah Mission received honorable mention in this award category. In addition to working with city and county officials to secure locations for teams to serve, they have two project managers who seek out needs of community members, listen to them with empathy and work to improve their situation. Nehemiah Mission is also very motivated in developing and maintaining relationships with the Liberian community in Cleveland.

Home Works of America