2020 Best Practices Award Winners

Best Practices Awards,

2020: Award Presentation Video

Best Practice Award Winner: Partnership with Homeowners

Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry in North Carolina was the recipient of this award. In addition to finding creative ways to invite homeowners to participate in some way with the repair project, they have a wonderful process for referring homeowners to partner organizations within the community. WARM has a database that allows them to easily find and share services in each county they serve with callers, whether or not they are eligible for WARM's services.

We also gave an honorable mention to Good Works in Pennsylvania for this category. Their "Beyond the Workday" Ministry helps them stay connected with homeowners after home repairs are done, and they have developed a program called "The God Honoring Experience" that helps to reduce the spirit of offense among volunteers. We commend both organizations for their excellent partnership with homeowners! 

Best Practice Award Winner: Home Repair Practices

Chesapeake Housing Mission in Maryland was the winner of this award. We recognized the organization for their impressive cost savings and health outcomes. Through a research partnership with a local hospital, they discovered that 13 of their projects resulted in $400,000 in healthcare savings. Emergency room visits and hospital admissions were reduced by 60 percent for these clients, and falls among these seniors in a six-month period were also reduced from 39 to zero because of the installation of grab bars, railings, or ramps.

Best Practice Award Winner: Stewardship of Volunteers

Rebuild Upstate in South Carolina was the recipient of this award. We recognized them for developing and sharing new safety guidelines. In addition to putting their own volunteers back to work safely, they eagerly shared all of their new procedures with other organizations, which helped accelerate volunteer activity with other ReFrame members. 

Best Practice Award Winners: Community Partnership

Sierra Service Project in California was a recipient of an award in this category. We recognized SSP for helping partner agencies to address urgent crises. The organization donated funds to their partners despite facing significant financial challenges and uncertainty themselves.

Jim Garrett, the Volunteer & Donation Services Coordinator for Kentucky Emergency Management, was the other recipient of this award. While we usually recognize organizations, Jim is an individual ReFrame member worthy of this award. He secured large quantities of free hand sanitizer and face coverings for ReFrame members. This empowered them to partner better with the communities they serve. Jim helped social service agencies and churches across the country to provide safer services to those in need.  

Community Conservation Corps at Furman University received an honorable mention in this category. They partner with two other ReFrame members, Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County, and Rebuild Upstate, for their weatherization program. These partnerships not only provide the homeowners with more benefits than what the CCC could provide alone, but they also create an effective referral system among partners

Best Practice Award Winner: Storytelling

AdventureServe Ministries in Kentucky was honored with this award for their digital marketing success. Because of their hard work, AdventureServe experienced an increase in their social media reach and has had success with utilizing an in-kind monthly grant from Google Ads to promote their programs. 

Award Winner: Master Builder of the Year

Appalachia Service Project was the winner of the 2020 ReFrame MasterBuilder of the Year Award. This award goes to the member organization that recruits the most new members. ASP recruited 3 members in the last 12 months: Baptist General Association of Virginia, Appalachian Affordable Housing, and Beth O'Connell (an individual member and associate professor at East Tennessee State University). Other 2020 club members: Chesapeake Housing Mission, Christian Appalachian Project, Habitat for Humanity of York County, Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County, Operation Home, Reach Mission Trips, and Rebuilding Together of the Triangle.