2024 Impact Report Data Program is Open

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The Impact Report Data Program is open. 

An annual impact report is requested by all current Coalition members and is to be submitted as soon as possible.

New in 2024:
  • The 2024 report collects new information about your service area, allowing us to use better data for regional or statewide grant applications or advocacy campaigns. Benchmarking by state was requested by members in 2023, and an update will enable staff to provide that.

  • Updates have been made to the grants portal. Users should review the updated portal guide.

  • Member organizations who submit by March 5th will receive 50% off one ReFrame conference ticket

  • Member organizations who submit by March 5th will receive a 2024 Impact Member Badge, which can be used to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to collective impact.

  • All member organizations who submit by the deadline will be entered into a drawing to receive a $1,500 Lowe's gift card. One will be awarded and announced on the Annual Impact Call.

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Who Should Submit An Impact Report?

An annual impact report is requested by all current Coalition members to be submitted by March 5th, 2024.

Some Coalition funding programs require an impact report submission through your grant agreement. Please refer to any 2023 grant agreements, if applicable, to know if a report is required by your organization.

How is Data Used?

  • Your Impact Report helps us make a case for support to bring future resources and programs. It also helps us report on previously awarded grants. 
  • New questions about service areas will allow us to report on impact at a state or regional level, enabling us to help you with advocacy campaigns or awareness programs.
  • Data will be presented to members at the Annual Impact Call on March 19th. We encourage members to register.
  • Data is also used for member benchmarking by membership size or state.

How Do I Complete the Impact Report?

There are two ways to submit your data to the data collection program. 

  1. Via the grants portal
  2. Via a .DocX file emailed to megan@coalitionforhomerepair.org

To Submit via the Grants Portal

The Impact Report can be accessed from the Coalition for Home Repair grants portal under “funding programs.” Details can be found in the Portal Guide. Portal users must be logged in before they can view the report application.

  • Grants Portal - Apply to the Impact Report Funding Program
  • Direct Report Link - users must be logged in to view this content
  • Portal Guide - Updated for 2024; direct links to log in or create an account provided, video demo provided

New portal users are strongly encouraged to review the Portal Guide before creating an account or beginning an application.


To Submit via the .DocX Emailed to Staff

Use the provided document below to add your data and e-mail it to Megan at megan@coalitionforhomerepair.org. If you do not collect a metric, please use a conservative estimate. 

What Do Impact Report Data Program Participants Receive?

In 2024, members who turn in an Impact Report by the March 1st deadline will receive:
  • one 50% discount code to use towards a ticket to the ReFrame Conference in November 2024

  • A 2024 Impact Member Badge to be displayed on digital assets

  • A full benchmarking report assessing trends in homes repaired, projects, and volunteerism by budget size.

Staff Contact:

Megan Goyer, megan@coalitionforhomerepair.org