Leverage Your Membership: Fundraising

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Making the Most of Your Membership: Fundraising

How does your organization leverage Coalition membership to grow repair and operating funds?

Leveraging your membership is a fantastic way to engage in best practices, seek training, and learn from peers. 

1. Grants for Home Repairs & Training

Small Grants

The Coalition distributes multiple types of small grants, including a Lowe’s gift card, disaster recovery grants, and occasionally can reimburse staff time for participating in certain training and cohorts. The Coalition has distributed $250,000+ in direct resources to home repair nonprofits.

Federal Grant Sub-Awards

The Coalition currently manages a Veteran Home Modification and Pilot Program award, which provides 14 members with material funds for low-income veterans with disabilities. The award will repair at least 80 homes across the United States. Membership is required for home repair nonprofits to be eligible for future federal grant sub awards.

2. Peer Support for Contract Grants

Contract grants are one of the primary ways for a home repair nonprofit to secure funding for repairs. Whether you manage long-term contracts or are considering your first contract, the Coalition’s peer support opportunities can help you leverage opportunities. Commonly discussed grants include Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), Housing Preservation Grants (HPG), and HOME funds. While managed contract grants can vary from state to state or city to city, members offer each other valuable insight on eligibility, management, and how to write successful applications. 

3. Discounted Software

Charity Proud CRM

A CRM is an essential part of a successful annual giving program. CharityProud, a donor and volunteer management CRM, offers members one free month of survive and 50% the implementation fee. 

4. Cohorts & Idea Sharing

Cohorts, such as the Annual Fundraising Cohort (2022), provide expert-led training content to your development staff. The small group, cohort model provides a collaborative space for idea sharing.

5. On-Demand Webinar Library

On-demand webinars, viewable on your time, cover fundraising topics including magaing federal grants, building monthly giving programs, and donor recruitment and cultivation strategies.

6. Resource Library

Similar to the on-demand webinar library, the Resource Library is a file-based collection of resources shared by members, for members.

How does your organization leverage Coalition membership to reach fundraising goals?