Leverage Your Membership: Program Management

Posted By: Melanie Campbell News,

There are a lot of perks to being a Coalition for Home Repair member. The latest blog series, Leveraging Your Membership, explores the ways your organization can make the most of your membership. 

Leveraging Your Membership: Program Management

How does your organization leverage Coalition membership to build and carry out a successful home repair program? Leveraging your membership is a fantastic way to engage in programmatic best practices, seek training, and learn from peers. Programmatic benefits range from construction training to volunteer management tools.

1. Discounted or Free Program Software

The Coalition provides free or discounted access to software or technology tools that support your program, including: 

ProCore: Free ($667/month value!)

ProCore is a project management software that enables your team to manage designs, bids, repair activities, scheduling, budgets, and more. 

Golden Volunteers: Various Incentives

Golden Volunteers is an online registration and recruitment tool for volunteers. You can share build day specifics, collect release forms, and more. 

  • Only need the $300/year Community Plan? Coalition members get that for free.

  • Coalition members get 50% Golden's "Professional" and custom plans for the first year, and a 10% discount in subsequent years.

  • Golden also offers free data migrations and will credit you until your existing software contract expires.

Sterling Volunteers: 20% Background Checks

Background checks are an essential safety requirement for many members. Background checks protect your clients, your volunteers, and your organization. Sterling Volunteers provides volunteer screening and background checks for nonprofits and service organizations and helps mobilize vetted volunteers. Members receive 20% off background checks through a program that ensures compliance and sends monthly updates.

To access benefits, log in to the Member Compass. Click on Benefits and browse the complete list of benefits for details and set-up instructions.

2. Cohorts

Concentrated, intensive trainings on key focus areas including aging in plays, universal design principles, combine certifications with peer roundtables, industry insight, and member panels. Unlike independent certifications, cohorts offer a space for further discussion and action planning relating to implementing knowledge in a space relevant for home repair nonprofits. The Coalition plans to offer additional spots in the Aging in Place Cohort in August.

3. On-Demand Webinar Library

On-demand webinars, viewable on your time, cover essential program topics, like measuring unique repairs, installation techniques, volunteer recruitment and retention, and homeowner services. The webinar library is an excellent resource for onboarding new employees.

To access the on-demand webinar library, log in to the Member Compass. Click on Video Library and browse the complete library.

4. Resource Library

Similar to the on-demand webinar library, the Resource Library is a file-based collection of resources shared by members for members. The Resource Library houses hundreds of files relevant to home repair programs. There are over 50 files in the construction section alone. 

To access the resource library, log in to the Member Compass. Click on Resource Library to browse by topic.

5. Free or Reduced Cost Certifications

Certifications such as Lead Repair Renovation Paint (Lead RRP) are offered at ReFrame Conference. Funding and offering certifications reduce repair costs by enabling you to self-perform work that would otherwise be contracted out. Not only does this reduce costs, but it also reduces project days so repairs, or other necessary interventions, can be completed faster and minimize disruptions for homeowners. In 2022, the Coalition funded 42 Certified Aging in Place Specialist certifications among member organizations.

How does your organization leverage Coalition membership to plan and carry out program goals?