Good News and Bad News

Posted By: Becca Davis News,

We've had a record-breaking year of accomplishments! We were able to substantially increase our educational programming and advocacy, rebrand, and offer pass-through funding to members.

The bad news is that we have to raise membership dues for the first time in two years. Everything costs more than it used to, and this is necessary to continue to provide home repair programs with excellent resources, robust programming, and personalized support from our staff.

The good news is that we'll be distributing another $100,000 in Lowe's gift cards to members that submit impact reports to us in early 2022! We're commited to streamlining the process and collecting as little information as we can from you. The gift cards will be more than double the new dues rates.

As always, if your organization falls into different rows for budget and employees, you may defer to the lower dues category.

However, you may now choose to upgrade your membership to any dues category to access a larger Lowe's gift card (while supplies last), regardless of your organization size. You can do this when you renew or when submitting your impact report (if your renewal date falls after that deadline).

If you haven't logged into our new Member Compass (aka membership portal), do so now! You'll be prompted to choose a new password the first time you log in. 

We will continue to offer membership levels (bronze, silver, and platinum) for organizations that want to provide additional support to the Coalition. We're so grateful for our "above and beyond" members!

Together in service, 

Becca K. Davis
Co-Founder & Executive Director