ReFrame Conference 2021: Strategic Planning for the Agile Nonprofit

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Most nonprofit leaders understand the importance of strategic planning, but many fall short of attaining their goals because they lack the necessary suite of strategic planning disciplines. Goals can drive strategy execution but only when they align with the organization’s mission and present imperatives, account for functional areas and enable agile adaptation as circumstances change.

This session will introduce a step-by-step process for: 1) defining core principles, 2) analyzing SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), 3) setting strategic objectives, 4) monitoring key performance indicators, and 5) establishing action plans. You will learn how and when to incorporate multiple stakeholder groups in the process to build consensus and acceptance of the plan.

Bob Beggs will lead this session. He is the Executive Director of Good Works Inc. in Pennsylvania. Prior to this assignment, Bob was a Program Manager at The Boeing Company and is the Co-Founder and Trustee Emeritus of the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center. He has extensive experience facilitating strategic planning sessions in both for-profit and nonprofit business sectors.
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Bob Beggs