2021 Impact Report

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The Coalition for Home Repair is excited to announce the results of our collective impact in the last year and over the past six years! This information is the result of reporting that was submitted by member organizations. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share this information with us. We know it was a time consuming task and truly appreciate your work. 

This is the second year the Coalition has implemented a member-wide data collection effort. The data helps us seek funds as well as report back to funders how funds were used. As a good steward of data, we want to be sure to open findings to members to celebrate your work and offer opportunities for benchmarking.

2021 Impact

Last year, 89 Coalition members repaired

  • 6,953 homes for 
  • 16,041 residents in 
  • 38 states

The graphic below shows the average number of homes repaired by member size. (Note: member size was determined by prior year budget for benchmarking, not by dues paid. This ensured that similar size organizations were compared.)

One thing to note is medium and large organizations repaired close to the same number of homes on average. Medium organizations repaired an average of 97 homes while large organizations repaired an average of 98 homes. A closer look at the data found that medium organizations actually engage in the least new construction of any member size (even small). About half of large members, however, engage in new construction to some extent. Those who build new homes tend to repair fewer homes than those who focus solely on home preservation. When large members who did not build any new homes were isolated, the average number of homes repaired was 149, showing a near 50 home gap in the average of homes repaired by large members who do not engage in new construction. 

Residents Served in 2021

  • 16,041 total residents including
  • 6,489 older adults, 
  • 3,845 people living with disabilities, 
  • 2,102 children, 
  • and 885 veterans. 

You’ll notice the average number of residents served is very similar for small, medium, and large organizations. We don’t collect data to know why this is, but we do feel this is a reflection of each organization’s values, mission, and independent prioritization and selection criteria. (Remember: member size was gauged by prior year budget for benchmarking, not by dues paid.)

Unique Repair Projects in 2021

Together, in 2021, we completed 

  • 27,380 repair projects 
  • With the help of 32,851 volunteers who spent 736,768 hours repairing homes. 
  • The value of the volunteer labor is more than $22 million!

The chart here is another breakdown by member size. For small, medium, and extra large organizations, our average number of repair projects per home was pretty consistent - right at 2.3. All organizations track unique repair projects differently and when we dug into why the large organization average is high - 5.1 - that program variation is exactly what was found. (Again: size was gauged by prior year budget.)

The way members all track projects is very connected to processes and how volunteers are used, if any. The member who reported the largest average repairs per home measured 40 unique repairs per home. We reached out to some of these high-reporting members on a case by case basis to learn more. We found members who reported a high level of unique repair projects and track unique repairs at a very granular level. This reporting makes sense for their organizations and their operations.  

We feel some organizations may be underreporting this metric. The main reason for underreporting is not all members collect this metric. Many teams reported one project per home or made convservative estimates. As such, the average for all member sizes is probably closer to around 3 repairs per home if not closer to 4.

We are happy to offer member organizations custom benchmarking. If an organization believes it operates similarly to a few other organizations, we can pull a benchmark report for you with any of the data you reported in the impact report. Of course, we’d need each organization in the group to be willing to participate; we won’t send your data to anyone without your permission. Email Melanie@CoalionForHomeRepair.org to request custom benchmarking data.

Coalition Accomplishments since 2016

Between 2016 and 2021, Coalition members repaired 

  • 52,576 homes
  • In 38 states

Together, in the last 6 years, we completed 

  • 98,404 projects with the help of 
  • 337,741 volunteers who spent 
  • 8,042,589 hours repairing homes. 

Member organization repaired homes for
120,130 residents in the last 6 years, including:

  • 35,387 older adults
  • 23,747 people living with disabilities, 
  • 12,489 children, and
  • 4,244 veterans

Together, we’re restoring vibrant communities nationwide.

Thank you again to members who reported metrics. As more members report, our data quality becomes better. If your organization has not yet submitted the impact report this year, learn more here.

Want to learn more? View the slides or watch the recording of our Impact Call held on April 19, in which we shared additional information collected from our membership survey.