Advocating for Older Adults Webinar Recap

Posted By: Megan Goyer Video Library,

This webinar explored how issues facing older adults fit into the larger topics of housing, home modifications, and repairs. Advocacy opportunities at the local, state, and federal levels were highlighted. Emma Carrasco, Advocacy & Research Coordinator for the Coalition, shared a brief presentation about federal advocacy, and panelists *Lauren Averella (Civic Works) and **Noreen Beatley (National Center for Healthy Housing) shared their experiences advocating for older adults. This webinar was the fourth in the 2024 Aging in Place Cohort series.

*Lauren Averella is a Senior Program Director at Civic Works, a Baltimore-based nonprofit that has helped over 8,000 older adults age in place since 2008. Lauren administers the Housing Upgrades to Benefit Seniors (HUBS) initiative which helps older adults access major home repairs.

**Noreen Beatley, Vice President/Senior Project Manager, has worked with Healthy Housing Solutions and its parent nonprofit, the National Center for Healthy Housing, since 2009. Ms. Beatley is currently managing the evaluation of HUD's Older Adults Home Modification Grant Program (OAHMP) which is designed to provide low-income older adults home modifications to help them safely age in place.

Access additional resources in our Advocacy Resource Library or Older Adult Home Modification Advocacy toolkit. If you have any questions about the Coalition's advocacy resources or opportunities, reach out to Emma at