Coalition for Home Repair Statement Regarding City of Grants Pass, Oregon, v. Johnson

Posted By: Melanie Campbell News,

Following the SCOTUS decision on City of Grants Pass, Oregon, v. Johnson, Freyja Harris, Executive Director of the Coalition for Home Repair released the following statement:

“This decision could not be further from addressing the root causes of homelessness – while I am extremely disappointed in the ruling, this reaffirms our commitment, as a national organization, to advocate with evidence-based solutions to the national housing crisis, ensuring we lead these efforts with those directly impacted. Let’s use this moment to vehemently speak truth to power and build partnerships to galvanize meaningful action, because we are much stronger as a collective. Together, we have the agency and knowledge to pave a way towards a brighter, and more equitable future.”

Coalition staff participated in the National Homelessness Law Center’s (NHLC) mass organizing call and some key messages include:
  • Knowing that we are not without options – in the words of Congressman Maxwell Frost, “We’ve been dealt a blow, but we will continue to fight!” Productive ways to do so include calling our elected officials and pointing to evidence-based solutions that address the homelessness crisis, not worsen with costly, punitive measures. 

  • The moment to take action is now:

    • Demand for $356 billion as a federal down payment for housing in the U.S, which includes full funding of universal rental assistance for lowest-income households, public housing repair and preservation, National Housing Trust Fund, eviction and homelessness prevention and voluntary supportive and emergency services.

More resources:
  • Get informed. More information about the decision, including Justice Sotomayor’s dissent is available here. Check out the Threat Tracker on State Level Homelessness Criminalization (current as of May 2024) that illustrates coordinated pushes for criminalizing homelessness at the state level.

  • Stay up to date. Consider joining the Housing Not Handcuffs Network, a campaign led by NHLC centered around the idea that in order for homelessness to be addressed, criminalization of homelessness must end immediately. Ways to participate include:

    • Promoting Housing Not Handcuffs on social media

    • Encouraging others to join the network

    • Connecting to others in your community who are participating in this network

    • Learning about litigation strategies to support the campaign

    • Participating in city, state, or national advocacy to solve homelessness