Does Your Stool Wobble?

Posted By: Mike Moulten News,

BRIGHT IDEA: If you save thousands of dollars on things you will purchase anyway, that is just as good as finding new donors - and much easier! 

We at Trinity/HPSI are eager to help identify some of the ways you can save money so that you can strengthen your home repair nonprofit. We are happy to have the distinction of being the first ReFrame Association business partner member and have enjoyed exhibiting at every ReFrame Conference, beginning with the first one in 2011.

We have been pleased to observe the solid foundation that characterizes ReFrame members:

  • Good planning (knowledge)
  • Good volunteers (workforce)
  • Financial wherewithal (dollars).

The old adage about the three-legged stool comes to mind: If any one of its legs is too short, the stool will wobble. Our mission is to help you strengthen the third leg!

Trinity/HPSI is a group purchasing organization (GPO) that primarily serves faith-based non-profit ministries. Our 2,400+ members from all 50 states are together saving more than $11 million dollars annually compared to the prices they previously had to pay. Membership is totally free, and there is no obligation for anything. You choose which of our agreements are beneficial to your ministry and use them at your discretion. (We obviously need funding to be able to serve you. That comes from our vendor partners as a very small percentage of purchases made using our agreements.)

Trinity/HPSI members have access to many great agreements: Lowe’s, Sherwin-Williams, Office Depot, and Staples, to name just a few of the non-food option. See all. If you provide foodservice, you may choose from Sysco, US Foods, Gordon Food Service, Ben E. Keith, Food Services of America, Performance Food Group, Shamrock, Feesers, Martin Brothers, Springfield Grocer, Cashwa Distributing, and HFM.  

All your transactions and payments will be direct with our vendor partners. You will never order from or through us or pay us anything. If you are already buying from one of our vendor partners, there is usually no change in your process, just the opportunity for substantial savings as you attach your account to Trinity/HPSI.  

The savings opportunity varies widely by category and by item, but the following ranges are typical:

  • Foodservice: 10 - 20% (up to 70% by item)
  • Lumber, Building Materials, Appliances, Tools, etc.: 7 - 47%
  • Paint: 20 - 65%

Sixteen ReFrame Association members have already completed the quick and easy membership form and are now saving substantially. Give me a call at 615-672-0229 or drop me a line at, and I would be happy to help you explore the savings possibilities for your home repair nonprofit.

Mike Moulton considers himself blessed to have been affiliated with Trinity/HPSI for the past 8 years. Having previously spent 38 years in high-pressure corporate and government positions, he finds it refreshing to be part of a laid-back, faith-based ministry whose sole purpose is helping its members save dollars that they can use to enrich the lives of those they serve. Mike’s favorite pastime is spoiling his grandkids.