Donor Information Management Systems

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Donors are the lifeblood of most nonprofit organizations. How you interact with your donors – how you thank them, how well you communicate with them, and make them feel involved in your organization – determines if someone gives a single donation or continues to provide years of support to your cause. Doing this well requires you to have systems, processes, and standards in place for managing the information about your donors and potential donors.

Don't have a formal system in place for managing donor information? Struggling to make your current system work for you? Either way, this webinar is for you!

This recording includes an overview of the process of selecting and implementing the right CRM for you, will help you prepare your organization for the next level of fundraising performance, and will even assist you with convincing leadership, board, or funders to invest in new fundraising capabilities. The webinar will also cover ideas for using the CRM for volunteer information. There will be time for participants to share with each other about the systems they use as well. 

The webinar was led by Rick Eaton, former Executive Director at Sierra Service Project in California. In addition to leading a home repair nonprofit for 17 years, Rick also spent 20 years as a software developer and manager in the high-tech sector. He is now heading up Eaton Nonprofit Solutions, which provides high-quality, effective, and appropriate technology solutions for small and mid-size nonprofit organizations.