Helping to Mitigate Risk: Volunteer Background Screening Insights & Best Practices

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This webinar was led by Verified Volunteers, the only background screening platform tailored to meet the specific needs of nonprofits. In the presentation, you'll explore these questions and topics: 

  • Are you sacrificing quality for a cheaper background check? Find out the repercussions of low-cost checks.
  • The truth behind the FBI’s fingerprinting database – It’s far from the gold standard.
  • Is your screening program FCRA compliant? If not, a civil lawsuit could be just around the corner.
  • Cost saving measures for your screening program to help your bottom line.

The webinar is NOT a sales pitch for Verified Volunteers. The information in the webinar is relevant to all home repair nonprofits, whether or not they choose to use Verified Volunteers for background checks. 

Kim Chochon led the webinar. She is Vice President of Partnerships at Verified Volunteers and spearheads strategic alliances.  She brings 18 years of experience in building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships and establishing long-standing client relationships.  Her role at Verified Volunteers is to help educate nonprofits on the important role a quality background screening program plays in helping mitigate risk and creating safer environments. Kim currently resides in Seattle, Washington and is a trusted advisor and a great background screening resource for all ReFrame Association members.