HUD Veterans Grant Opportunity

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HUD recently announced the Veterans Housing Rehabilitation and Modification Pilot Program (VHRMP) notice of funding opportunity

Most members aren't eligible to apply on their own, as you must serve nationally, or serve an entire state. Therefore, the Coalition for Home Repair will be applying for this grant with interested members. To apply for the grant with us,  watch the webinar recording and complete the intent form by 11:59pm ET on August 3. You can also view our VHRMP Fast Fact Overview. 

Summary of program: Up to 15 members will apply with the Coalition for a $1M HUD grant that funds home repairs for Veterans with disabilities. The funds will be used to repair 80 homes (5+ per organization) between Feb 2023-Dec 2024. The grant will provide an average of $10K per home for building materials and other direct costs including staff who oversee the work. A 50% match is required (volunteer labor can be counted at ~$30/hour, or you can use staff time, or any non-federal funds), and 20% leveraged funds (this must be cash - but can include federal funds). The homes will need to be approved through HUD's environmental review process and the State Historic Preservation Office - this may take about a month. The $10K will be reimbursed after the work is completed and all documentation is submitted to the Coalition. The grant will also fund a staff person for the Coalition who will provide training and technical assistance to members. 


  • Aug 3 - intent form due to Coalition
  • Aug 10 - nonprofits will be notified whether they have been selected to apply with the Coalition
  • Aug 17 - letter of firm commitment due to Coalition (a template will be provided)
  • Aug 24 - grant application due to HUD (Coalition will submit)
  • Sept 15 - HUD announces grant recipients
  • Feb 3, 2023-Feb 2, 2025 - VHRMP program (if funded)
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