ReFrame Conference 2021: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Home Repair Programs

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The ReFrame Anti-Racism Community of Practice completed a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace certificate from the University of South Florida in spring 2021. Cohort participants will summarize parts of the course and share how the principles can be applied to home repair programs. Our review may include emotional intelligence, stereotypes and biases, analyzing your organizations progress, shifting from awareness to action, recruitment & retention, community outreach, and building a sustainable business model.

Becca is going to talk about module 1 of the class - emotional intellegence. We'll watch a 6 minute segment of the course video. She'll also share Sierra Service Project's norm-setting presentation (contextualized for their staff alumni conversation but can apply to many spaces) and DEI survey, and another resource found online - the continuum of becoming an anti-racist multicultural organization.

Kim will talk about module 2 - stereotypes and biases, and how her organization has taken steps to becoming more anti-racist.

Eric will talk about modules 4 & 5 - shifting from awareness to action and recruitment & retention, as well as how his nonprofit is working towards DEI. 
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Thank you to the Tennessee Housing Development Agency for sponsoring this session!


Becca Davis

Kim Gore

Eric Fritts