ReFrame Conference 2021: Faith-Based Volunteer Programming

Posted By: Adrienne Osborne (deleted) Video Library,

There are many different ways of incorporating spiritual practices into the experience of volunteers at home repair nonprofits. In this session, you'll hear case studies from four different ReFrame members. They'll share about how their organizations invite volunteers into spiritual conversations and practices. We'll also talk about how to be sensitive to and inclusive of volunteers (and homeowners) with different beliefs. You'll hear about devotionals, God moments, spiritual sandwiches, evening gatherings, and more. While this session will mostly focus on faith-based programming for volunteers, we will also briefly touch upon ways to invite but not require homeowners to participate, and opportunities for welcoming staff with diverse backgrounds.

Molly, Dawn, and Veronica will share virtually, and we'll also watch a short pre-recorded video with Jane Cheema, ASP's Spiritual Curriculum Coordinator.

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