ReFrame Conference 2021: Funding the Fixes

Posted By: Adrienne Osborne (deleted) Video Library,

Many health risks are linked with existing housing conditions. Discovering the links is an important step, but finding the problem is only the first step. Positive change requires that we move from simply identifying deficiencies in the home to prescribing specific “fixes.” This webinar will help you find partners who fund and perform housing repairs in your area, especially targeted to low-income residents with limited resources.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Consider a new mindset when confronted with housing deficiencies
  • How to find local, state and Federal resources to assist with work write-ups and funding. 

This is the second session that will be led by Jayne Windham. She has an impressive background - be sure to check out her bio!

Additional Resources

Fund the Fix handout

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