ReFrame Conference 2021: Home Assessment & Determining Your Scope of Work

Posted By: Adrienne Osborne (deleted) Video Library,

This session will be roundtable discussion to share best practices and lessons learned on conducting a home assessment and determining the scope of work to be done on the home.

Where do you start and stop? How far do you go? You could spend $30,000 on each home but you want your agency resources to empower as many people as possible to age in place. How do you describe the scope of work to the qualified homeowner who may want more? Are there times when the condition of the home is such that repairs, or modifications are not possible?

This session explores how to customize the scope of each project to meet the client’s individual needs. The ultimate goal is to do what it takes for the person to age in place safely at home with dignity.

Session facilitated by Keith Branson, Executive Director of Westminster Home Connection. HEe and three other panelists will share. 

Thank you to Procore for sponsoring this session and our event livestream!

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