ReFrame Conference 2021: Lean Impact - How Innovation & Greater Agility Can Accelerate Your Mission

Posted By: Adrienne Osborne (deleted) Video Library,
 Do you want to tackle the need for home repair in your community, but are not sure how to make a meaningful dent? Transformative change will not be achieved through business as usual. By building on the best practices for innovation that have emerged from Silicon Valley, we can deliver far greater bang for the buck by running lightweight experiments, driving fast feedback loops, and accelerating learning. The result will better address real needs, improve cost-effectiveness, and unleash the possibility of true scale. Through inspiring stories drawn from her interviews with over 200 organizations across sectors and geographies, Ann Mei will share both the theory and the practice behind successful social innovation.

Ann Mei will join us virtually; she'll speak for 30 minutes and then answer questions from in-person and virtual attendees for 30 minutes.

Thank you to Regions for sponsoring this plenary!
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