ReFrame Conference 2021: Measuring Impact - The Economic Ripples of Home Repairs

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Home repair services improve quality of live, preserve affordable housing inventory, and revitalize neighborhoods. Nonprofit organizations that offer owner-occupied home repairs see first-hand how lives are transformed by this work. We see the impacts on health, safety, and accessibility; and we passionately share those testimonials in hopes of inspiring more volunteers, donors, and community supporters. But how do we measure the broader impact our work has on a county or state?

In 2017, Habitat for Humanity South Carolina began conducting economic impact analyses to showcase that Habitat’s work extends far beyond individual households--impacting jobs and the economy. The reports describe the impact of organizational operations by tracking how money spent circulates through the local economy.

This session will share how Habitat South Carolina compiles data, conducts the analyses, and generates multi-level reports. In addition to the critical social and financial outcomes for the families served, we’ll discuss how our investments have a ripple effect that generates significant economic activity. Samples of local, regional, and state analyses will be provided. Nancy Lee, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity South Carolina, will lead this session.
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