Spring Scrum: Accounting & Financial Management

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A scrum is the most intense, controlled focus of energy to be found in just about any sporting match; we took this moment from rugby and applied it to the most intense, controlled focus of energy on accounting and financial management for home repair programs that you've ever experienced. You received suggestions and input from approximately half a dozen other home repair programs! 

We started the 90-minute roundtable with a short presentation about resources available through the Coalition for Home Repair that relate to accounting and financial management. Then we dove into introductions and the scrum. The first half was about accounting and the second half was about financial management. 

When you registered, you were asked about the two toughest challenges, questions, and obstacles you face. We wanted to know what keeps you up at night. 

From your responses, we chose the discussion topics and sent the agenda to you a day in advance. Those whose questions were chosen were asked to give a short synopsis of the challenge, then answered questions from the other attendees. Then everyone typed suggestions in the chat box and we moved on to the next topic. 

With the energy we had in one [virtual] room, you're sure to leave with solutions for issues related to financial policies and procedures, budgeting and financial indicators, reserves, and more! Becca Davis, Executive Director of the Coalition for Home Repair, will facilitate this roundtable.  

Best of all, this roundtable is FREE To members, thanks to the Maker's Grant that we received from Stanley Black & Decker! Learn more.

We recorded most of the session but participants may have requested to pause the recording if they wanted to discuss sensitive topics in confidence with those present.

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