The Fundamentals of Board Goverance

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What are the responsibilities and obligations of a board member? What are the most important things a board should be focused on? How should we deal with board members who don’t do their “fair share” for the organization? Where should we draw the line between the board’s responsibilities and the executive director’s? Does everyone on your board understand what it means to be a fiduciary?

This workshop is for board members and executive directors alike. We explored the roles of boards in healthy organizations, reviewed the concept of fiduciary responsibility, and talked through some basic best practices in governance. We talked about strategies to build and maintain an active, engaged board that functions as a partner with the executive director. We strongly encourage the organizations to have both their executive director and board member(s) watch this recording.

The webinar was led by Rick Eaton, former Executive Director at Sierra Service Project in California. In addition to working with SSP's board, Rick also served as Chair of the Governance Committee for the ReFrame Association Board of Directors. After leading a home repair nonprofit for 17 years, Rick is now heading up Eaton Nonprofit Solutions, which helps organizations with fundraising, governance, and technology.