Webinar: In-Kind Donations with Good360

Posted By: Becca Davis Video Library,

Good360’s mission is to close the need gap. As the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, they partner with some of the world’s largest corporations to source essential goods and distribute them through their network of diverse nonprofits, supporting people in need and opening opportunity for all.

In this short webinar recording, you'll learn how Good360 can stretch your budget further and help you access the building materials, appliances, and other items for free or at a very lower cost. They charge a small administrative fee for delivering some items, while others (such as donations from Lowe's and materials for disaster recovery) can be accessed for no cost. 

The webinar was led by two Good360 employees: Janet Thompson (Vice President of Nonprofit Development, janet@good360.org), and Damian Morales (Manager of Disaster Recovery, damian@good360.org).

You can find your closest Good360 Community Redistribution Center online here. To access goods this way, you'll need to work directly with the redistribution center. I have a spreadsheet with all contact info for each state but Janet asked me to only share that upon request as the information changed rapidly. Let me know if you'd like to see info for a certain state (or states - as the closest center to you may be in an adjacent state). 

To receive crates, truckloads, or disaster recovery donations directly from Good360, you can join for free here.

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