Free Gift: Snappy Gifts

Member Benefits,

Looking for a fun new way of rewarding your top volunteers and employees? Try Snappy Gifts! Choose a FREE gift from Snappy today.

We started using Snappy in 2019 and have been pleased with their customer service and with the feedback from our gift recipients.

Snappy's fun and engaging platform lets your volunteers and staff choose how they want to be recognized. They'll feel appreciated with a gift they actually want. Snappy emails them a scratch-off style reveal that is branded with your logo. The person gets to select their own present that fits your budget (minimum $15/gift) and the item is shipped to them in a couple of days. What a fun way to recognize those most important to your mission! 

One free gift per organization. Simply complete the form on their website to pick your gift. Be sure to mention in the notes section that you heard about it from ReFrame Association. If you schedule a call with Snappy, we get a $50 gift. If you sign up with them, we get a $1,000 gift. We will auction these gifts off at ReFrame Conference, so they will benefit our members and ReFrame Foundation. (You can get these referral gifts too, when you sign up and invite others to join!)