Various Discounts: Trinity/HPSI

Member Benefits,

Trinity/HPSI is a group purchasing organization. Membership with them is totally free, and there is no obligation for anything. You choose which agreements are beneficial to your organization and use them at your discretion. 

Trinity/HPSI members have access to many great agreements: Lowe’s, Sherwin-Williams, Office Depot, and Staples, to name just a few of the non-food option. See all. If you provide foodservice, you may choose from Sysco, US Foods, Gordon Food Service, Ben E. Keith, Food Services of America, Performance Food Group, Shamrock, Feesers, Martin Brothers, Springfield Grocer, Cashwa Distributing, and HFM.  

All your transactions and payments will be direct with their vendor partners. You will never order from or through Trinity/HPSI or pay them anything. If you are already buying from one of their vendor partners, there is usually no change in your process, just the opportunity for substantial savings as you attach your account to Trinity/HPSI.  

The savings opportunity varies widely by category and by item, but the following ranges are typical:

  • Foodservice: 10 - 20% (up to 70% by item)
  • Lumber, Building Materials, Appliances, Tools, etc.: 7 - 47%
  • Paint: 20 - 65%

Dozens of ReFrame Association members have already completed the quick and easy membership form and are now saving substantially.

If you have questions, contact Mike Moulton at 615-672-0229 or