Webinar: 7 Touchpoints for the Digital Donor

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Most fundraisers have heard about the Rule of 7. Many fundraising plans were built around the idea that we should thank a donor 7 times before we ask for another gift. These touchpoints are equally beneficial for prospective donors or volunteer leads. The rule of 7 stems from a marketing concept that an individual must see or interact with your nonprofit's brand at least seven times in the course of a year before they're inclined to take any action. 

While the average nonprofit saw a 4% decrease in online revenue in 2022, Melanie Campbell increased online revenue for member Rebuild Upstate by 59% in 2022 at year-end. This gain is due to long-time investment in digital cultivation.

Whether your goal is a first donation or the eighth, this webinar will give you tangible, low-cost ideas for cultivating the digital donor.

In this webinar, you'll learn the following:

  • ideas for 7 digital touchpoints to show a supporter their impact on your program
  • scalable ideas for small and emerging organizations
  • the power of email automation
  • ideas built around a home repair program

About the Presenter:

Melanie Campbell, MBA, has eight years of experience working with home repair non-profits. She has increased digital fundraising by an average of 40% annually for the past three years at member organization, Rebuild Upstate. Melanie is a scrappy storyteller. She's worked with shoe-string budgets. That empowered her to pursue creative storytelling for low-cost methods with high ROI.

The recording for this webinar can be accessed here.