Webinar: What Counts as a Unique Repair Project?

Posted By: Adrienne Osborne (deleted) Video Library,
Here are some of Melanie's notes:
  • This seems to be the start of a broader discussion around measuring outputs for types of repairs performed at a home vs tracking unique repair projects.
  • Methods varied and reasonings were due to planning volunteer work, how software programs were set-up, or even based on broader outcomes measurement goals.
  • It seems there was agreement that duplicates of something like windows or doors should only count as one repair. However, in cases like a bathroom remediation or accessibility, there might be more space for interpretation within organizations.
  • Outcomes-focused measurement was very applicable to those who engage in minor service projects. Outputs were more standard for major home repairs.
Our staff has a few opportunities for follow-up based on your input:
  • Secure case studies from other members who measure more than 1 repair project in cases such as bathrooms or accessibility where the group felt there was room for increased measurement
  • Continue to explore best practices in measuring unique repairs
  • A webinar or training about qualitative storytelling to tell stories of homeowners
We'll most likely incorporate those follow-up requests to our spring summits, tentatively planned for April.