Coalition for Home Repair Announces 5 Webinars are Approved for CAPS Continuing Education

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Coalition for Home Repair Announces 5 Aging in Place Webinars are Approved for CAPS Continuing Education Credits.

The Coalition has funded or is in the process of investing 60+ CAPS certifications for staff members of home repair nonprofits across the country. Taking steps to allow members to maintain the certification with relevant and free continuing education is part of our long-term commitment to aging-in-place programs.

CAPS certification and renewals are maintained by NAHB.

Who needs Continuing Education credit hours?

CE is required to renew your designation if you have previously earned your CAPS. If you are currently working to earn your CAPS designation (like participating in the 2024 Aging in Place Cohort), you do not need CE until you have earned your CAPS and are renewing your designation. To maintain your designation, you need to pay a renewal fee from NAHB once each year, at which time you are indicating that you have earned the necessary CE. You do not need to provide proof of CE to NAHB unless NAHB audits you.

How do I track my Continuing Education?

In order to ensure your CE is counted, register for eligible webinars using the "Member CE Ticket" type. Our staff will provide and validate any training hours if NAHB audits you. Your proof of CE will also be available in your Member Compass account. Live webinar attendance is required for any CE credit verification.

What sessions are approved for Continuing Education?

We currently have five webinars approved as CE, but we hope to continue adding more opportunities this year. The following webinars are approved so far:

How many hours of Continuing Education are needed for CAPS?

CAPS designations require 4 hours of CE per year. Learn more about CAPS CE requirements here. 

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